Yeelight Chroma Connector not showing any devices


I’ve just got my new Yeelight lightstrip 1S and Yeelight LED Bulb 1S

  • connected it to Yeelight app and both of them are fully functioning.

The problem starts when i am trying to connect the light stip to Razer Chrome, the stip is not recongnize at all in the Yeelight Chroma Connector app:

  • Verified Lan is enabled
  • Verified via ipconfig check between yeelight device info and the my pc network that the stip is on the same network.
  • I switched servers - reinstall each light again
  • update firmware of each device
  • verified latest version of Razor Synapse.
  • also used Razer_Chroma_Broadcast_SDK_Core_v2.2.4 patch

nothing worked - i can’t see any of the devices recognize in Yeelight Chroma connector.

please assist


Did you work this out im having the same problem

I’ve made it work. - it’s related to the network adapter (ethernet).

  1. once all the devices are connected (to the app)
  2. you have yeelight chroma connector installed
  3. you have razer synapse (latest Version) installed.

This is for windows 10:

  1. open razer synapse
  2. open yeelight chroma connector app as well.
  3. go to the network adapter section in windows - network status > change adapter option (select you etherenet) - disable and enable (like doing some sort of a reset). once you will see the network is back up look at the chroma yeelight connector app… it should work…
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I have same problem but I using wifi get connected to internet, do you have any advice?

i don’t understand your PC is connected via wifi?
if yes… i don’t know - i never tried it.

It did worked for me:

  1. my pc (desktop) connected to ethernet
  2. having wifi (don’t forget you must enable 2.4Ghz and not 5Ghz - yeelight works only on slower wifi bandwith - currently)
  3. make sure all devices (bolb 1S and striplight 1S) were added to the yeelight app and you can control them (use the tutorials in the app to do it)
  4. once you fully control the devices using the app - then move to the PC
  5. install synapse - and update it to the latest - once done keep it running don’t close it.
  6. install latest Yeelight chroma connector 1.0.9 (i think there’s a newer version - just search for this version)
  7. see that once Yeelight chroma connector is running - see if automatically the devices are listed.
  8. if not - go to your pc network - disable the network adapter (ethernet ) and enable - > watch if the devices suddenly appear in the yeelight chroma app.

please update what is the outcome of your actions.


Hi Ponya5, Thanks for your suggestion

Yes I connected to internet via wifi not ethernet. My wifi already running in 2.4Ghz but Yeelight Chroma Connector v 1.0.11 still can’t detect my yeelight strips 1s.

I already try to reset my yeelight so many times but still not detected :sob:

I have the same problem.

I can control my bulb with my pc via Lan controller app. i can ping it.
But the app doesn’t see the bulb.

Yeah. I have the same problem. Did anyone managed to resolved this issue. I’m able to control my YL 1S via my laptop using YeeLight UWP

Official connector doesn’t work at all. I have tried it with several PCs. with wifi with ethernet doesn’t matter…

The fact that YeeLight UWP actually detects my light… Hope someone will create custom version of connector since both yeelight and chroma has open API

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Hello, yesterday I just bought, Yeelight Lightstrip Plus I got everything working, But the lightstrip is not showing on Yeelight Chroma Connector, but when i try Yeelight UWP all works,

Im using ethernet cable, is that the problem?

I watched all the other posts and nothing worked for me