Yeelight Ceiling YLXD76YL 320

Hello! I just bought a Yeelight Ceiling YLXD76YL 320 but I can’t connect it to Yeelight App European Server. I tried with Yeelight Mainland China and it worked!

Please add me on the Whitelist.
My Mi ID is 1580693519

Thank you in advance!

What whitelist? I wonder where people get the ideas about those whitelists :slight_smile: If you can’t connect it on European server, then it is not available in European region and you must use China server. Simple as that. That is in MiHome. In Yeelight there should be no region lock.

So why can’t i pair the device using the Yeelight APP on Europe and Africa (Franfurt) server if there is no regional lock?

I’m just relaying what has been stated numerous times here in the forum that Yeelight has no regional lock from Yeelight app, but Xiaomi does in MiHome app… but I am not aware of any whitelist for this :slight_smile:

Ok then! Let’s say that there are no regional locks for Yeelight APP and no whitelists…

Is there any particular reason why my device is not discoverable on the European server?

Similarly, the newly purchased YLXD76YL ceiling light cannot be registered because the device list does not appear from servers other than China. Did you find a method that you can use with servers in other regions?

Nope.I haven’t found a workaround yet… Still on Mainland China Server.

You can always try cracked MiHome app:

Well… I don’t know how safe it is to install :wink:

A lot of people are using it, so I think somebody would notice something if it wasn’t :slight_smile: