YEELIGHT GUANGCAN YLXD50YL is too bright on 1% and changing from 100% to 1% is like changing 10% of brightness not of much of a diffrence.
Is there any option that my yeelight on 1% was not that bright? if i can’t set up less bright im gonna shipped it back i cant stand it this bright
My yeelight account id: 1699794923

Hi, any update about this issue?

Same here, the highest moonlight brightness is not bright enough, while the lowest sun-brightness is too high.

If you imagine total brightness as a value from 0-100% then moon-mode gives the range 1-25% and sun-mode from 75-100%… We are basically missing the brightness range from 25-75%.

Firmware 16

Agree 1% Is a way too bright. Can the lowest brightness be reduced? Otherwise It Is impossible to have a good experience using with Alexa or Google. Moreover I do not understand how to set ambient light color through voice assistants