Bed Side Lamp (1, with BLE) and LCD Temperature and humidity sensor 2 (square version, with display)


I have Yeeligh bedside lamp (with BLE) and “LCD temperature and humidity sensor 2” (that’s square format, with LCD).

Using Mi Home app, I can see both of them and connecting to each smart object; also without wifi I can connect directly my smartphone to the sensor via BT.
The problem is that I cannot see any sensor using BLE gateway of BedSide lamp (in Mi Home App-> Profile -> Gateway BLE). How can I solve this issue? I’m using Italian region. I would like to connect them because I’d need a temperature programmed swith on / off for a heater, connected using a Xiaomi GMR4015GL Smart Plug.

Many thanks in advance for any information! :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem!

Until recently bedside lamp worked fine as BLE gateway and i could retrieve hisotrical data for temperature and humidity…Now i have the same issue as my Italian friend…

What changed? Is there an EU vs China server issue? Maybe a firmwire update? ps I’m from Greece

Hi Mixristos,

from yesterday my bedside lamp works again as BLE gateway. I really changed nothing (just turn off and on the lamp removing the plug, due to change in house’s positioning), but now it works and I can read temperature and humidity from the sensor through my internet connection.

I hope this can be valid also in your case.

Have a nice day!