Cannot connect multiple Mi Bulbs to one light switch

I own four of the Mi Smart LED Essential colour bulbs. I want them all to be ceiling lights in my bedroom, meaning they would all be operated by the same wall switch.

When I first bought the bulbs and installed them one by one they worked perfectly. However, after about a week one of them was faulty causing me to have to exchange it in store. Then, I tried to reinstall all four of the bulbs and ran into an issue.

When I press ‘add device’ on the app and follow all of the instructions (turning switch on and off 5 times etc), I am able to successfully connect to that bulb.

However, when I move onto the second bulb and repeat this process, it factory resets the first bulb as they are operated from the same light switch. This means I have only been able to be connected on the app to one bulb at a time, but this was not the case when I first bought the bulbs so I don’t know what changed!

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hello, try to manually unscrewe/screw the light blub one by one 5 times until it’s ready to add it. Like this you can add it more easily. The switch must be turned on.

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Your advice worked perfectly. Thank you so much!!!