Can’t Link Yeelight to Google Home

I have the Yeelight app installed on my phone but I can´t re-link Yeelight to my Google Home app,
It accept the username and password but then nothing happens the devices are not visible in my Google Home app,
If I go to I can see that the Yeelight account is linked but I still can´t see my devices in Google Home.

Any advise would be welcome.

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I have managed to re-link Yeelight to Google Home but my 2 Yeelight bulbs are not showing in the google Home app, they work fine in the Yeelight app.

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I have same issues . China mainland. When I connect my Yeelight to google home . It show successful but nothing show . Mi home is same . I don’t know why . If u find solutions let me know my email

I’m having the same issue. It links and says successful but it still doesn’t show up in google home. Mi Id: 6394370116. What password do i use for login here?