Need Support Yeelight strip 1S versus Plus

I used the website and it shows to buy from Amazon (US). I was looking for the strip that is Razer chroma compatible but it only shows one type of strip everywhere I go(US). I then bought the Plus but it doesnt connect to the Chroma software like my 1S bulb does. Will the Plus be compatible in the future since I cant seem to find the 1S light strip? Your website keeps sending me to amazon to the light strip plus. I saw some other people in the US are having the same problem amazon is only selling the Plus. I dont mind waiting if there is an update to make plus compatible if not I need to return it and get another brand since I cant get the 1S

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The 1s is the ‘plus’ model, should work with the latest firmware

I was told this by Yeelight support


Sorry, 1S doesn’t have US version now." The Plus has a different part number than the 1S aswell.

Thats very odd. There is no ‘China’ version. The ‘China’ version is just the US verison as they use the same socket. Do you have the model numbers there?

YLDD04YL Plus then YLDD05YL the 1S

It the 1s not the actual strip & the ‘plus’ is the extra 1M strips you can add?

No, they are both part numbers for the whole set up

the YLDD05YL is the version that came with homekit support out the box

Is the Aurora Lightstrip Plus the same product as 1S?

There is a very small difference, but many won’t see it directly.
If I’m correct is the Yeelight Strip Plus sold in many international countries and the Yeelight Strip 1S for China / Asia.
The specfications are the same and you can connect both of them to your Yeelight or Xiaomi Home app. The firmware is also the same for both devices.

Here it comes:
When you connect them to your Yeelight app, you can connect the Plus (yeelink.light.strip6) to Yeelights own build-in or wireless light switch.
This option is not available on the 1s (yeelink.light.strip2). You can’t connect that lightstrip to a remote control or switch.

I hoped that I helped you out a bit with your choices. Please let me know if you have any questions.

p.s. the manufacturing date of my Plus was: 01/2020 and the 1S: 12/2020

My yeelight strip is YLDD05YL,device name is yeelink-light-stripa,Yeelight UWP in Microsoft store can control the lighting,Can’t find device in Yeelight Chroma Connector APP,What is the reason?

So here’s the problem with the lightsrip s1 not showing up in chroma connector,

In order for the lightstrip to show on chroma connector it needs to upgraded to the latest firmware, Which is in time of writing 2.1.7_0019. problem is out of the box it was on a lower firmware, but the yeelight app reported this was the latest one.

Turns out it was doing this because of the server the lightstrip was connected to (in my case north america sever). It just didnt show up any firmware update. I’ve reset the lightstrip and connected it to a bunch of other servers, Europe, singapore and such. But only when it connected it to the mainland china (Beijing) server, the app reported that a new firmware is available for the lightstrip. After that it showed up on the chroma connector without any issue. Seems like other servers tham china just dont push the latest firmware for the lightstrip s1.

So to solve this, log out of the yeelight app on your mobile. Log back in but choose the mainland China (Beijing) serve. Add the lightstrip to that server, update firmware, profit. :slight_smile:

you can also delete the lightstrip from the china server after the firmware update is done, and add it back to whatever server all of your yeelight product are on. the firmware will stay the same even if you reset it.