Yeelight spotlights which gateway?

Hi everybody,

I would like to ask for help with the installation of my Yeelight spotlights. I live in the Netherlands (Europe).

I have bought the following Yeelight spotlights. To operate it I bought the following gateway.

I get both products (Spotlights and Gateway) added in the Yeelight app. However, I still cannot operate the Spotlights. What am I doing wrong?



The gateway should be adeed to your Wi-Fi and the lights installed with the gateway. After this everything should be ok.

Thanks for your response.

The gateway is on my wifi. The gateway is connected and online in the Yeelight app.
I also connected the spotlights in the Yeelight app. But I cannot operate the spotlights.

However, how do I connect the spotlights to the gateway?

Maybe you can try pressing the Link button on the back of the gateway.
You can try also tu use the Mi Home app and choose Mainland China server

Tried both options. Unfortunately I still get a connection to the Spotlights.

I am not sure I bought the right gateway. I have found the picture below, it seems that only those three lights can be connected via this gateway. I have a different kind of Yeelight spotlight.

Someone who can help me with this?

Does anyone have another gateway that works with my spotlights in Europe for sure?


The yeelight mesh gateway works also with your lights.
Can you enter from the app at in your gateway settings and search for Bluetooth gateway and see if the lights are agreeing inside

Can you make a screenshot inside your app and upload here

The spotlights and gateway are on the power.

The spotlights also provide light. However, every signal that I send via my mobile phone is not processed.

I have tried this on the european server and the china mainland server. Same problem in both cases.

Try the settings and than search for Bluetooth gateway

Tried on two different phones (android & iphone).

However, I don’t see the option to search via bluetooth anywhere. What am I missing?

Can you try also to add it in Mi Home app?

The Mi Home app is the same as the Xiaomi Home?

In this app I cannot find the spotlights and also the gateway. See print screens.

In the Mi Home app you have to use Mainland China sever
Also for Yeelight app you should use China server in order to make them work

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deBurMi, my friend!! Thank you so much.

I switched to China Mainland in the Home mii app.

From that moment on, he recognized the spotlights and I could operate it directly with a telephone.

Wauw, thanks!!

Great job.

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Hello, would like tell me which the version of Yeelight app? We will check it.