Ceiling LED as IF condition in Scenario

I have a MI LED Ceiling light from Yeelight and in Mi Home app I want to create a scenario using this light as IF condition to trigger other action but I only see the light as THEN condition, how can I use it as IF condition?

You can’t.

And what exactly wold you use as IF condition, it is not a sensor it is a lamp?

Cause I have a relay controller and I want to bind it, if lamp is turned on -> relay controller turned on, if relay controller is turned on -> turn on lamp

How do you turn on the relay controller?

With a physical switch, this would allow me to let co-exist the switch with the Smart lamp without ever unplugging the current to the lamp

Strange usage :slight_smile: You could use the wireless switch to turn on both relay and smart lamp…

But the smart switch won’t be similar to all the existing switch in my home :frowning: