WiFi Gateway

I have a question regarding how to setup a gateway, because when I connect all my lamps it really slows down my WiFi network:

The setup will be: 16 Yeelight Filament bulbs in a room (2x8 per ceiling "lamp) and I want a gateway that they all connect to so I don’t have 16 different WiFi connections active at the same time from the bulbs alone.

What gateway/hub allows me to act as a router for them and to connect via a single connection to the actual router?

THank you!

You have some wrong conceptions about gateway. The gateway is a bridge between Your Wifi and Zigbee devices or Between Wifi and BLE devices. To achieve what you wrote, get a decent router…

So it’s not possible to do? That’s a shame :frowning: Liked the bulbs but it appears that they’ll have to go back :frowning:

It’s not a shame - it is just how it works. The device you need is (another) router…