Moonlight Night mode MISSING on YLXD48YI Ceiling Lamp

for the light YLXD48YI, I can’t find the night light / moon mode button, even though it is advertised with moon light function! I bought two pieces. My other lamps such as Jiaoyue 650 and 480 all support the advertised feature correctly and I love it so much! ![this is why I specifically bought a lamp where the feature is also listed!

The lowest light level is too high, I want to use it in my baby’s bed room as even showed on your own advertisement picture as use case in a bedroom with ultra low light level…
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Could you please fix this clear issue? It is a promised advertised feature, so it must work! My ID is 233535171 , really really hope you could fix it, as otherwise I love Yeelight and recommend it regularly to my friends :slight_smile:

Best regards