Gateway compatibility & wall mounting

Hi everyone,

I’m planning on getting my first Yeelight products and had a few questions.

  • Will the 1S & ceiling lights work with the Mi Smart Gateway 3? I’m not sure if my wifi network will reach all the lights so I was wondering if I could connect all Yeelights to a gateway, and that can connect to the home wifi.

  • Has anyone tried mounting the ceiling lights on a wall? So the light would be horizontal instead of facing down? How is the lights spread? Would love to see some pictures if anyone has tired this before.

Could someone please help me?

  1. Lights do not work with gateway nor do they need gateway. (most) Lights are WiFi devices and connect directly to your router. Gateway is a bridge between Wifi network and zigbee devices. Those are switches and sensors. If your Wifi doesn’t reach devices, netiher will Zigbee, the range is similar.

Thanks dalanik!