Yeeelight LED Strip 2 - No Connection?


I’m reseting my LED Yeelight Strip.

IT turns into different colours and ends in Orange/yellow. Than I start connecting them with my local W-Lan Router. It Starts to Finish the Job from 0% to 100%.

Than there is a Message in the Yeelight App: Connection TIME OUT - Check current Network and Scan again…

I can restart it over and over again. Always the Same.

This is ODD because:

Im using a Xiaomi Ceeling Light and Nightstand Light in the Same room and Same Network with No Problems. I installed them the Same day…

My Router: FRITZBOX 7530 / FRITZOS 07.20

IT uses the 2,4 and 5 GHz range.

I Change IT to only 2,4 GHz. Didn’t Work.

The Others 2 LEDs are Wirkung in the 2,4 GHz range, I checked it. So the LED Strip 2 Coulde usw this too.

Any ideas to solche this?

No one a answer or Idea?

Hello, when your connection fails, can you check if the strip is connected to the router?