Yeelight Lightstrip Plus and Chroma Integration


I’ve just spent several days installing lightstrips in my living room. I’m using the yeelight 1S bulbs and lightstrip plus.

I’m loving them so far but I’m trying to integrate with chroma and it can detect all of the 1S bulbs but the lightsrips are missing. All software is updated, connected to the right network and LAN control enabled.

Is the lightstrip plus model not compaible with the current chroma interface? And if so is it only the 1S that is currently compatible? Are there plans to include the lightstrip plus into the chroma interface? If there are do we know how long until they are inlcuded? Or will i need to replace my strips to get this working?


I have also just ordered the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus from the Yeelight store website (which linked me to amazon). I’ve just installed and setup the light strip testing two different wireless routers, and the Yeelight Light Strip Plus is not appearing in the Yeelight Chroma Connector application. Seems the LightStrip Plus doesn’t support Chroma Connect. If this is true I want to return my purchase as that was my only goal with the light strip.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes it looks most likely this is the case you’ve basically confirmed it. Its extremely annoying i have two of them! I wouldnt mind so much if they are going to write firmware that will make them compatible in the coming weeks, I would just sit tight and wait for them to upgrade instead of ripping up my fittings and spending lots of money on replacements.

Does anyone know if the lightstrip plus will be included in chroma in the future?

There is no Lightstrip 1S. If you look at their website for the Lightstrip 1S and click “Buy Now” it takes you to an amazon listing for the Lightstrip Plus. It’s not possible to buy the Lightstrip 1S (if it does exist) and myself and several other customers are just now discovering this.

This looks like the one.