Staria Bedlamp - Issue connection

Dear all,
I have problem with my staria bedlamp model YLCT03YL. I have two of them and the first time I connected without issue to the Yeelight but i had problem with Homekit connection for one of them (error 2502 and worng code). So i deleted from Yeelight and when I try to connect again, it doesn’t work. I did the reset but both of them cannot connect, but I see the wifi in my wifi connection list.
Really thanks for your help

Best regards

Hi, Antocri84
Have you ever add the lamp to Home APP successful? if yes, please reset both of your router and lamp, try to connect it again.
If not (wrong code every single time), you need to contact the store customer service for a replacement.

Thank you for your response.
With success I added the lamps to Yeelight but to Apple Home App only one of them.
My wife’s lamp is impossible to add to Homekit (always wrong code also after restarted router and lamp). I contacted Yeelight support, they confirmed it’s a chip bug and they told me to ask for replacement from the seller.
But if they refuse to replace?
Thank you for your support

I have the same problem with the lamp that arrived today. Were you able to find a solution?