Alexa cannot discover color bulb 1s

No problem connecting with iOS Home App. Instaled yeelight skill but Alexa cannot discover the bulb.

@zhangxin Please help

connected with Yeelight App also?

No. Also won’t connect to yeelight app.
Yeelight app sees it (in the Home App), but when it tries to connect it ends up with an exclamation point and is not successful.

Thank you for helping.

You need to connect the bulb to the Yeelight app(binding with your xiaomi ID) first, and then enable the Alexa Yeelight skill to discover.

Could you try to reset the bulb and connect again with Yeelight app?
For connect issue,

  1. Make sure the bulb has been successfully reset.
  2. Make sure you are connecting the bulb to a 2.4G Wi-Fi. When the connection fail, please check if the bulb has been connected to the router (check the DHCP list in router backstage).
  3. Make sure the router can connect to Xiaomi Cloud server. You can try changing DNS of the router to
  4. If possible, please try connecting the bulb to another router, or try to connect to a personal hotspot.
  5. Please try to connect the bulb with Xiaomi app on the same iOS device. You can also try Yeelight app an Android phone.

If the above doesn’t solve the issue, please provide the following information:

  1. Xiaomi ID, Yeelight device model, iOS device model, router model.
  2. Yeelight app version, the server you chose, and the time you tried connecting the bulb.
  3. Are you able to connect other Yeelight devices?
  4. A screen record would really help us debugging!

Bulb is successfully reset.
The WiFi is a Google Nest.
I start with MiHome App.
It asks me to change WiFi to Yeelight WiFi.
It finds the Yeelight and puts me into Apple Home App.
The Yeelight is controllable from the Home App.
I go into Alexa. I enable the Yeelight Skill.
Alexa cannot discover the Yeelight.

I open the Yeelight App.
It says it can see the light in the Home App, do I want to add it.
I say yes.
It cannot add it. It eventually puts an “!” Next to the bulb it sees.


ID is: 6378966446
iOS: I’ve tried iPhone 12 pro 14.1 and iPad Pro.
The server is US. Time is around now, 9:30pm EST.
What screens would you like to see?

Please try to remove the bulb from Home App first. And then reset the bulb, connect with Yeelight app.
Please follow above steps, if connect failed, send me the screen video. Thanks.
Alexa searches devices from your Xiaomi account, not from Apple Home App.