Yeelight LED Bulb 1S IOS pairing issue

I’ve got a problem connecting my Yeelight 1S Color Bulb to my iPhone via Xiaomi Home app. It asks me to reset it, then to enter my WiFi info and then to connect my iPhone to WiFi network created by the Bulb. That’s where problem starts. When I want to connect the iPhone to bulb’s network I get a pop up where I can only select to add bulb to HomeKit app or to cancel. I’ve tried connecting it to the HomeKit app and returning to Xiaomi Home app but nothing happens. I can not make my iPhone to stay on bulbs network without a prompt to connect it to HomeKit. I already have Bedside Lamp II and successfully connected it to Xiaomi Home app and it works fine but it didn’t require to connect to it’s WiFi network during setup. I’ve tried to connect the Bulb to Yeelight app and it works just fine but it also didn’t require to connect it to it’s WiFi. I also didn’t find a way to export it from Yeelight app to Xiaomi Home.