All my Xiaomi/Yeelight are not working with HOME KIT anymore


I have 2 Xiaomi/Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2, and 1 Yeelight light strip color all connected to Mi Home, Yeelight app, and Home Kit (Before).

Around 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t control them from the home kit app anymore. So I decide to delete and reconnect all the lamps. After deleting all of them from the Homekit I can’t add them back either by scanning the Homekit QR code or manually using the number code in the back.

The Lights are still correctly working with the Mi home and the Yeelght app. I think that the music mood from the light strip is not working very well with the Yeelight app.

Any suggestions or support? Waiting for the community support.
Thank you in advance

Did you resolve your issue? I have the same issue for a year now and did not have any luck having a solution.

I didn’t, I’m using many Yeelight/Xiaomi devices at home so far, for some I use automation & Shortcuts to be able to control them with Siri.
It takes a lot of time to set it up this way. You will be very limited it, ain’t working as a native solution, and if you have few devices( phones or tablets) you need to create new Shortcuts again from each device.
Last I had a Xiaomi hub that was supposed to work with Homekit, which worked well one month then I couldn’t connect it anymore even with the Mihome app.