Yeelight lightstrip power adapter make noise

I have a lightstrip plus and my power adapter makes a really weird noise when the lightstrip is off. When I turn it ON the noise is gone. I called to a local store who sells your products and they said that this is normal behavior of power adapter. But the lightstrip is turned into socket right beside the bed where we are sleeping and we have to turn it off from socket each night because noise is really strong in silence. Should I take it to service or ask for another adapter? or all of them making this noise?

i have the same problem… first few days nothing, then my wife noticed the sound. first it was only when turned off, now it is also when the strip is on, what should i do with it?

Not normal. I’ve had some of them like that too. Either return it or get a same voltage and superior or equal amperage plugpack.

Root cause is probably an insufficient ammount of selastic goo on the inductors inside the converter. Will not affect safety / reliability but will buzz you all night long…