Wifi Issues


I can add my meteorite lamp to my yeelight app and also can connect it to my WIFI network 2,4ghz.

My problem is that every time when I turn off the physical light switch and turn it on again, the lamp will not re-connect to my wifi network. Then I have to reset the hole lamp (5x switch on/off) and delete it from the app and make the setup in the app again.

Thanks for your help!

After weeks fo trying I found the problem.
The meteorite lamp cannot connect to a WIFI with a hidden SSID. I tried it with annother WIFI network and it is the same. The initial connection is always working but when I turn the lamp off and on again, it just reconnects to an unhidden SSID.

That must be a bug. Yeelight staff, could you please respond?

Yeelight staff, could you please respond after 2 months?

Thanks for your support!