Yeelight RGB Offline: This device doesn't support 5 GHz

I have 2 Yeelight RGBs that have worked perfectly fine until a couple of days ago when they started to appear “Offline” in the Yeelight and MiHome apps. After restarting them following the “turn on/off 5 times method” I am trying to add them as new lights. Both lights show up under the “Scanning for devices nearby…” section, however, I can’t connect to my router because it states “This device doesn’t support 5 GHz” and when I tap it, it says “Public networks are not supported, connect to your home network”. I have not changed routers in the past couple of days, and my wifi works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels so I don’t know what the issue is (firmware update gone wrong?)

Can anybody help?

I have resolved this issue by going into my router settings and toggling 5 GHz on/off twice afterwards I could connect as usual.