Is there anyway for a tcp cannection to query the light's id?

I was just getting back into my code after a long time of every thing working great here with 16 bulbs in my house. Everything continues to work wonderfully for me.

Please consider this question academic because neither I nor anyone I know is having any real problem with this. I’ll first quote from the Yeelight Interoperation Spec:

“ID”: The ID of a Yeelight WiFi LED device, 3 rd party device should use this value to uniquely identified a Yeelight WiFi LED device.

My homebrew code listens to broadcasts and notifications and all works great for me. So, again, not a real problem, but if a task just connects to the ip:port is there any query it can send to learn the ID? Perhaps a get_prop property name that I just don’t see?

Thanks, again, academic.