Yeelight Down- and Spotlights (as Light Groups) disappeared from Google Home

Hello Yeelight Support,

I have 6x YLSD01YL and 6x YLSD04YL configured as a grouped Lights for my Kitchen and Dining room. A few weeks ago they disappeared from Google Home when I refreshed my Device list in GH app.
Now I can’t add them back, I tried deleting lights an readding them. They show up as individual lights in GH, but when I group them they don’t. Is there a problem on my side or on your or on Google Homes servers? Everything is connected with the Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Hub and I’m on the china mainland server. Thank you.

Best Regards


I have the same problem, worked fine before.
Hope they will fix this soon.

I use the Yeelight Bluetooth Mesh Gateway and I didn’t experience the issue you have. To turn on and off the light I use the Aqara Door/Window Sensors. I modded those to work together with my existing analog wall switches.

Can you set the default state, after a power outbreak to remain off with that gateway?

Funny, I also have modded the same sensors. Works perfect.
Only that the groups disappeared is really uncomfortable.

Ha mi también me pasa. He desvinculado la cuenta, he desvinculado dispositivos y he vuelto a enlazar todo y sigue sin aparecer. He cambiado de servidor chino a Europeo y sigue sin aparecer.

Same problem here, my downlight group desappear from my Google Home app. When I un-group them , they appears individualy. I hope this issue will ne fixes soin… :slight_smile:

Ya se ha arreglado el fallo. Vuelve a sincronizar dispositivos en Google home y te aparecerá.

Having the same problem after updating firmware. All my mesh lights cannot work in Google home anymore. Please help.