Yeelight iOS - can't add device on iOS14

The app seems totally broken on iOS14. When you try to pair new device, when you are on the step when you are supossed to select the network, there is no network name displayed and you can’t put the network name manually, because when you click the field, it oppens permission panel in preferences. All permissions given to the app.

This is ridiculous, anybody else having this problem?

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I’ve been having the same problem for the last week yep.
I tried it both on my iPad and iPhone with the new iOS.
Super frustrating.
@yusure @zhangxin

it can not reproduce on my phone and pad. please send me more info.
please confirm the Location permission is enabled. It’s better if there are screenshots and videos.

Here’s a video of my iPad with this issue :
Please not that I’m using the latest version of iOS and the Yeelight app.

On my iPhone I don’t have this issue anymore.

I think I’ve found the reason:

It does only work when you have “precise location” checked.