Yeelight Lamps constantly going Offline

From time to time my yeelights are going to offline and unavaliable! I dont know what to do but i know i cant no longer use these lights! Whats wrong with these lights?

The only solution is to cut the power.

i have same or similar issue with 5 out of 10 lamps atm. Just connected 2 more.
It disconnects from AP and wont’ reconnect. light randomly disconnects from AP and don't try to connect until power cycle

Yeah but in my case its only the ceiling lamps!
The bulbs, night lamps and strips never go offline!

yup, also for me they are all ceiling lamps, all the same.

Same problem for me. Only the ceiling lights are going offline very often, sometimes 2 times per day.

It seems that it is firmware feature of the lamps. Once in several hours it drops IP address and tries to receive it from DHCP. In most cases successfully, but sometimes - not. And in such a case lamp goes offline (see examples in the thread 吸顶灯总是掉线 ). May be it can be fixed via firmware, but no comments from support team on it.

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not a solution, but a possible workaround would, be, if we could configure watchdog on each lamp.
E.g. if cannot connect to AP within 5 minutes, just do full reboot (such as powercycle does, as after that one it’s capable to connect).

note: i have to periodically powercycle exactly same set of lamps, while some others are just fine.

Any news on this one? Or are yeelight fine with it and dont care if the dumb customers bought it already?
The support on yeelight products is the worst - i dont know why they are so expensive with such a lot problems! I wish i never bought them :frowning:

unfortunately no response from them. I cannot recommend it anymore as more than 50% of lamps are having this kind of issue, even with latest firmware and have feeling they are not trying to solve it.

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