Yeelight 1S Bulb not detected during setup scan

I have a Yeelight 1S Bulb, model no. YLDP13YL. Whenever I try to set it up on either Singapore or Europe servers, it cannot detect the bulb. On China it detects it right away, but is not a solution for me because I want to integrate it to my Google Home. If I go to check whether the bulb is giving off a WiFi signal, it shows up on WiFi without issue.

When I was in Hong Kong, it was also problematic, but I was able to get it setup whilst testing the bulb. It may have just been pure luck because again, it wasn’t detecting the bulb right away.

I have setup multiple Yeelight RGB lightstrips before without issue, but this specific bulb (1S) is proving problematic.

Does anyone know how to get it working on Europe or even Singapore servers?