Yeelight 1S disconnecting after a few hours everyday

Everytime I try to use my bulbs I have to manually turn them on and off (even 2 or 3 times) so the yeelight app/googlehome/Apple HomeKit app detecta them! It’s so annoying since now the bulbs are way more complicated than regular bulbs!! I read somewhere that I needed to log off and then log in once more that dos not do the trick. The bulbs are on the latest firmware. Any help!??

I believe I have the same problem. Reported it on Home Assistant’s github issues.

Do you have the light bulbs on Home Assistant?

There will be a firmware update for bulb 1S recently, you can update your bulb to see whether still have this problem.

Do you know when? I see the same issue - namely:

The bulb stops responding to commands after 5-15 minutes.

Commands sent via TCP, CLI (using YeeCLI), and Home Assistant are all ignored; the bulb shows “closed connection”.

The bulb still stays on the WiFi network and can be pinged though.

Powering off and on resolves the issue for 5-15 minutes. LAN mode is enabled, and newest firmware (2.0.6_0030) from China mainland.

I will be happy to beta test if there is a newer version, my ID is: 6359663147

I have the same problem.
The light stop work about few hours
Firmware : 2.0.6_0041

Same problem since ever!
I have several Yeelight products and most of them randomly disconnect. For example I have a room with 4 lightstripe and 4 builb. For 2/3 weeks everything works fine. At some point I must restart some light stripe or some bulb.

I tried to isolate the product on a new WiFi I didn’t got any benefit.

Packet loss is 8% even if the router is 1.5meter away from the light stripe.

In my opinion the WiFi received component is too much cheaper…or maybe after 1/2 years it just stop working because it’s old.

Not a good point if you did buy 400 euro of Yeelight products and now discover this issues.

Hope to see some workaround…