Yeelight 1SE and Google Assistant/Google Home

I can’t connect my Yeelight 1SE to Google Assistant/Google Home. Please help me. I already chose Singapura server. When I try to connect on Google, it says that my Yeelight account was linked, but the device doesn’t happen. Can someone help me, please?
@yusure @Amber_Sun

My Mi ID is 1598122078

Same pb with 2 BULB 1SE, Cannot add yeelight to my google Home…
My Singapura ID : 6247404316.
I have try with Europ Server same Pb.
And same with Amazon Alexa, she can’t find my new 1SE…

Sorry to keep you waiting, first of all, login this website and check it out if “Yeelight” exists, then tap “Unlink” button if it exists.

Done. What do I need to do now?

@Andreia Then link your Xiaomi account on GoogleHome App(Yeelight action), it would be better use Xiaomi id instead of email.

I linked my Mi account again with ID but the device doesn’t appear

Please send me a screenshot about left menu, like this:

@Scandisk @Andreia
Hi you guys, please have a try this way again, then login Xiaomi account on GoogleHome app, 1SE(color)bulb jsut announced.

I received the update today. Now it’s working :grinning:
Thank you so much!


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I have the same problem, can you help me?

Mi Id. 6324875226