ios 14 - Cannot Log in Yee Light app

Hi There,

I am a beta user of ios 14 and the Yee light app doesnt log in anymore.
It keeps returning to the log in screen, but I do see that the app has been granted permission by Xiaomi Home.

Any idea ? I cant really control this bulb since the bulb is not even showing up in the Mi Home even though I set it up via the Mi app initially.

I had similar issue. The YeeLight and the Mi Home apps are not iOS 14 compatible. A way around it, delete the Mi Home app then try to login to your Xiaomi account through the YeeLight app. Instead of opening the Mi Home app, you’ll be directed to login within Safari since the Mi Home app was deleted. Once you are logged in you can download the Mi Home app again and don’t worry about your other Mi hardware, they’re all stored with their configuration on the Xiaomi server, just make sure you remember your login details and the correct server/region you’re using to add those hardware.

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works fine with that approach.

Ya welcome sis!