Yeelight Willow Lightstrip + MiHome Control Hub


I have a issue with my willow lightstrip to show up in the MiHome app with also my Control Hub connected. Either I connect hub or willow lightstrip depending on server…

Case 1: I have a mainland China in yeelight + China in MiHome, in this case I can connect willow lightstrip but i can’t connect controlhub
Case 2: Almost every other server location that I try (my default europe + poland) even HK or Singapur results in connecting Control Hub but not Willow Lightstrip.

In MiHome profile section I can even see amount of devices that obviously takes this willow in count but I cannot see this in main screen and use it.

In Yeelight app Willow works in every location, it is just that MiHome seems to limit certain devices based on location? I just want to use MiHome due to wireless switch…

You don’t TRY devices on different servers. You decide which server you want to use and then BUY devices for that server. As with most manufacturers, they limit devices based on region. So if you buy stuff from china that is not labeled “international” version, it’ll only work on China server. Yes, Xiaomi limits devices but Yeelight doesn’t. That is why Yeelight app works on any server but Xiaomi (mihome) doesn’t.

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Ok, thank you for the explanation. And is there any way to have a wireless remote for both LED Bulb II (bought in EU) and Willow Lightstrip (bought from China)? I know that there is a remote from Yeelight but it is labeled as for ceiling lamps, however in the app there is a option to add a remote both for bulb and lightstrip?

No remote works with bulbs and lightstrip, only with ceiling because it is BLE remote and bulbs and strip lack BLE functionality. I am afraid that the only way to use something as a remote for those is to use Aqara cube (you need gateway) or Aqara/Opple wireless switch (you need 3rd gen gateway)