y2e - Windows PC yeelight controller

y2e - Windows PC yeelight controller

hi, i am an independent software developer, i recently developed a windows application (in java language) to control yeelight smart lights from your PC.

the project is completely free and available on github: https://github.com/BrockDeveloper/y2e-Yeelight-controller.

To find out more and download it, visit the official website :https://brockdeveloper.github.io/y2e-Yeelight-controller/.

After installation, absolutely follow the official guide for first use (you will need it):https://brockdeveloper.github.io/y2e-Yeelight-controller/doc.html.

Yeelight third part page (Screenshot): https://thirdparty.yeelight.com/topics/246/y2e-windows-yeelight-controller.

thanks for your attention, I accept any feedback for the improvement and I also invite you to visit the github page of the project if you want to contribute with a donation, even if the project will always remain free and will evolve improving over time.

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