No cyan color

Hello, cyan color is not working for me, instead I get white color, I tried reseting strip tried changing servers I updated firmware… But it still doesn’t work, no cyan color, if I knew that there is no cyan I would have never bought them in the first place… cmon guys even cheap strips have it… Its been like this for over 8 months now, if it don’t get fixed I will never buy yeelight products ever again…

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Exactly the same problem, it seems the red led is also turned on. Only blue and green should be used. Does these guys even use their own products?

Yep green and blue separately works fine, 0.255.255 but somehow I see red. And when I go to white color and select warm I get like completly orange color, the app is broken . My cyan section gives me white but white section gives me orange … Support is useless i wrote them on email, they wont help me at all just asking questions I already answered. Not gonna buy yeelight products in the future if they wont fix my problem. It seems like they dont care at all, and the thing is I am not the only one with same problem.

Any supports? Or you guys dont really care? Forum is full of problems but you wont fix them… anyway I am not going to buy any xiaomi products ever and wont recommend it to anyone. Nice support btw, I am going to throw this strip into trash can and use cheap 5 dollar one because it works better. Worst support ever… I emailed made two posts on forum and nothing…

same issue.
I ve posted the same problem yet nobody answers or care about it.
If any staff here please help us