yeelight 1SE(color) cannot connet Alexa

I recently bought 2 smart led bulb 1SE (color) and I’m able to control them through Yeelight App.
I successfully control them using IFTTT app.
I tried to link both lamps to Alexa using Yeelight skill but Alexa is unable to find the devices (the 45 seconds timeout expires).

My Xiaomi/Yeelight account ID is the following: 6272271545.

I also tried with Yeelight Frankfurt and Singapore servers too with no success.

Please, could you help me?

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some tip for me?

Same here

I wrote their support addressing this issue and they confirmed this bulb cannot be linked with Alexa ensuring their engineers are working to fix it ASAP (this is the response).

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Can you please ask if this is also same for Google Home app? I can’t seem to add 1se to Google Home and I’m not sure if there is something wrong on my end or just not compatible.

@haven787 I tried with google home mini too and I had same issue: it’s impossible to link 1SE to google home, IMHO, for the same reason. you can write to and they will answer within 24h.
I’m a little bit disappointed with yeelight: the bulb works very well with their app but they declared it’s compliant with Alexa and Google too and only once I received the item I discovered this issue…
I hope they will fix asap!

Yes same here. I thought it would work with Google Home or even Smartthings but it does not. Thanks, will drop them an email maybe they will hopefully fix it soon.

I hope Yeelight doesn’t forget this issue!

Hi All, with new bulb firmware update Alexa has detected my lamps!
Now it works, great!
Working FW version is: 2.0.8_0007