Cannot add yeelight 1se yldp001 to Google Home, Smartthings or Mi Home

hi, i have yeelight 1se yldp001 which i have added successfully to the yeelight app. However when I try to connect yeelight to google home or smartthings, it is not working. I tried both Singapore and US server.

I also tried to add yeelight 1se bulb to my mi home app (since mi home is connected to my google home, I was hoping it will show up in my google home app). but even though i complete the steps, i do not see the bulb in the app, hence it is not showing up in my google home also.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

it’s not in mi home yet.

Thanks for the reply. How about yeelight connecting to Google Home or Smartthings? How come it’s not working?

I have new YEELIGHT 1SE bulbs, I’m unable to connect them to Mi Home App.
How do I connect them?
Any other app to use??