Different color of bulbs

I bought 3 bulbs. Two work fine, but one color is slightly different. This is especially noticeable at 1% brightness. The color fades to red. And in the flow mode, the light does not change colors smoothly, and it turns off for a short time beetwen different colors.


I have the same problem.

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To confirm that the bulb is faulty, you could run the “Spectrum” sequence on the All Lights group. All of your bulbs should rotate through a variety of colors at the same time. If one of the bulbs looks different, one or more of its internal LED components has likely failed. You would need to contact the manufacturer for a warranty replacement in this case.

Seems to be common issue. If you cut the power off and on it fixes the issue temporarily but eventually it will come back. Both my bulbs have this issue.

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How do I use the Spectrum sequence?

Has been identified as likely a hardware issue