Issue integrating with Apple HomeKit


I’m trying to add my Mi LED Smart Bulbs to Apple Homekit but it doesn’t works. In the Yeelight App it asks me to scan and QR code or type one and on the Mi Home App I press to add it to HomeKit and nothing happens. I’m running iOS 14 but also tried on iOS 12 and 13 and it’s the same result. Also, when I sync my Mi Bedside Lamp 2 to HomeKit I have to scan the QR code, the app doesn’t automatically detect it. Two months ago I have no problems adding my lights to HomeKit.

Thank you in advance


Same as you,:cry:

same problem here with two brand new yeelight smart bulbs, is there any fix?

Same here, a y solución?

Have the exact same issue with a brand new Yeelight Light Strip.
An over a year old issue that isn’t fixed yet?!?!

anyone know any solution?

This happened to me more than a year ago. An update rolled for the Xiaomi led lights and I was able to sync it to HomeKit again. I had this bug with some bulbs but others were perfectly fine.

I have been in contact with the Yeelight support.
They responded with the information that they are testing a new firmware now and that I have to wait patiently for the release and upgrade my device to se if the problem can be fixed.

Thanks for the info, do you know when this new firmware will be released?

No reports on when the new firmware will arrive.
I’m giving up on this garbage product and this company.
I will find another product that actually works.

Now it is just working and I can integrate to homekit