Help please Cannot upgrade firmware from 1.4.1_48 to 1.4.2_0076

Hi . I am not able to upgrade my firmware for my yeelight bulf from firmware 1.4.1-48 to 1.4.2_0076. It either keeps failing or goes to 99% and is stuck there.
I also have other yeelight bulbs and had updated them earlier and they updated fine but I don’t think it was the initial version. They got updated from the recently updated version to 1.4.2_0076.

Since I cant update I cant change the settings of the bulb as it says I need to update first and than I can many changes. I have 6 more bulbs and I cant do anything with them

If I try the through the android version its stuck at 1% and not moving forward.

I tried resetting it and it did not work.
I tried creating hotspots and it did not work.
I tried using different routers and it did not work.

I am on the Singapore server and my user id 1733078537

Please help.

I solved my problem by changing servers.