Cannot Find "Yeelink-Light" Wifi Network

I just got the LED Bulb (Color) today and had to look up how to set it up since I’m unable to read the instructions that it came with. I went into the app and started going through the steps such as resetting it and selecting my network. When it tells me to connect to the “yeelink-light” Wifi, I am unable to even find it in my list. I’m not sure if this is because I have an iPhone, or if it is the bulb that is the problem, but I was really excited to use it and now I have to remove it to put the other bulb back in so I at least have a light that is steady and not sparkling constantly. I don’t know if I will be able to return it, either, as I got it from something called Noir Box.

Hello I have the same problem with the Yeelight Serene Pro Desk Lamp. Did you find a way to solve the problem?