Yeelight Smart Ceiling Fan

Hello! Recently I bought Yeelight Smart Ceiling Fan (yeelink.light.fancl1 or Yiyang Fan Chandelier (Smart)) with software version
I use Yeelight v3.2.48 android app.

All works the best way, I can connect to device with app and can to control my fan and LED light.
But I have a couple questions:

  1. In google home I cant control my Fan, only LED light. Can you add such option?
  2. In Yeelink app I cant set up LAN (developer) mode. I use Openhab and all my smarthome devices can work without Internet. This ceiling fan is only working in a cloud. Please add option to control this device with 3d party software in LAN.

If this forum is not right place for asking about this problem, please tell me, to I can search for another source.