Yeelight mesh spotlight/down light default state


Please implement for the Yeelight mesh spotlight/down light the default state after a power outbreak. Or it will be possible in the future this kind of situation.


new mesh products already have this feature. old versions should be updated in the future.

Can you tell me which are the new mesh products, I use the downlight and spotlight YLSD01YL and YLSD04YL and I don’t have this option.

Thanks for the info, i will wait also an update for the older version of the spot light and downlight but I have a filing that this will never happen. The worst thing is that nobidy cares or at least to tell you before you buy it.
Another annoying thing is that from tine to time they turn on without pressing the switch.

newer versions are marketed as “m2”. I’ve been waiting for the update too but I’m not counting on it.

Thanks for your reply.
I am not counting any more on that to, I saw that nobody from Yeelight cares about, it woold be just nice that they officially admit that this old version can not be updated fir the default state and than people find out that is not worth to spend money on it. I will try slowly to change all of my spotlight downlights but it will be a slow process because ai have many og the old type.