Mi Led Ceiling Light: On Off Switch not correctly synched in the app


I bought a Mi Led Ceiling Light (yeelink-light-ceiling) latest model available on italian official Mi Store. It seems that the light itself has no issue with connecting to the router…i’m using it using the app or using Alexa with no issues at all…
The app itself has a minor issue: the power on-off button in the app (Mi Home official app) is wrongly synched with the Light status. Sometimes, opening the app, the button is green to show the light as ON (while the light is effectively OFF). I can open the app details tapping on it…the details show that the light is OFF…then I go back to the dashboard and now the on-off button is correctly synched. Please observe that the network statistics from the lamp show that the signal strength is about 85% with 0% packet loss.
I’m using European servers…I suppose that this is a minor issue with the APP UI. The light has the latest firmware update available on European servers 1.5.9_0022
Thank you for your support

Does the same thing happens with Yeelight app aswell? Every device that Mi Home does not control locally has that sync issue.

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I do not have the Yeelight app actually installed on my Android phone. Don’t mind if this is a bug. If you confirm me that I’m not the only with this kind of bug, I’ll wait for a fix on the Mi Home app.
The most important thing is that this is an app bug, not an issue related with the lamp itself.



P.S. I’ve opened a ticket from the app to Xiaomi