Regarding de new Relay 2 channels wifi&ble

Hello All

I receive the new Yeelight relay, I add with success the device to the Yeelight app once I don’t see this device on the Mi Home app. But over the process running well, I can’t view the device on the Yeelight app or even on the Mi home app that is synced…

yeelight relay

Yeelight Two-way control module Wireless Relay Controller 2 channels smart switch Work For xiaomi Mijia APP to wifi&ble

Can you please help me in this issue ?

Thank you

What server are you using?

The server that I’m using is the Mainland China

This new decide as lan mode? I want to use it, but i need to integrate to my Home Assistant server.

@dingyichen Can you please help me in this subject ?

Thank you for your support best regards

I also received several such modules. I have a question in this regard. Will this module work in the Mi Home application? Now I don’t see an option to add in the China region and the Europe region. My version of the relay is CE marked, so it is also intended for the EUROPEAN market. The model is YLAI002.