S1 color bulbs not matching with my V2 color bulbs :(

I have 2 V2 color bulbs. Orderd 2 1s color bulbs
They are all fitted in living room. The colors are not matching
De V2 color bulbs are much better/warmer color. I really dislike this. Also when I press the night light setting in the app and bring down the brightness the s1 bulbs become reddish in color. Really disappointed. Anyone experience the same problem? I want to buy the V2 color bulbs but don’t know if the are still available. Or is there anything I can deo that the V2 bulbs and the s1 bulbs get matching colors

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Anyone ???

Everyone has same problem. 1S bulb colours pink, not warm.
Return the bulb to shop for refund.

I have two Bulb 1s, but the colors look different. Any solution?