Yeelight doesn't connect to network.

The app on the phone finds the lamp but it can’t connect the bulb to the network. Not to the main router nor through a repeater nor through an access point.
The wifi strength is strong enough for every other device in the room.
Even trying to connect the bulb right next to the router doesn’t help.

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Same issue if yeelight team can suggest a solution, connection timeout when I try to link the bulb with WiFi rooter even if signal is strong enough repeating this operation sevral times, but no way to get it connected.

I went back to the store and basically the bulb got useless because of a recent update that apparently doesn’t work well in every country. The store replaced the bulb and adviced not to update yet and it’s working perfectly.

I have the same problems with 3 of my 4 lightbulbs, the 2 color ones don’t connect annymore to my network. I removed them from my app and now they seem to be gone forever. The 1 white connect sometimes but for only 1 day… Firmwareupdate ruined my lamps I’m afraid. I bougt them online in China so no warrenty… :frowning:
Why update?! Don’t!

any news from this topic? I have same problem here, I have removed the device from the app. then i wanted to reconnect it, but it stopped at loading 25% and never reconnected