Yeelight bulbs are too bright at 1%. Dimmig 1-100 is nearly doing nothing.

I and a lot of people need a fix for the brightness of the bulbs. I got 4 new version color bulbs and they are too bright at 1%!!!

Dimming 1-100 makes nearly no difference at all!! I want to have some cozy night lights, not super bright lights ruining the night time…

Thousands of people want this. I have been looking around since I blught theese 4 bulbs for some fix but it is hopeless…

I am changing brand to something else if there are no fix… This is just stupid… After seeing multiple attempts from others starting 2 years ago or earlier.

Sent them from China to Sweden, how do i return them?

Also, my 4 bulbs purchase at the same time, arrived in the same package are different in brightness and color