Stuck at sign in for Yeelight account

Currently using iOS 14 beta.
When I try to sign in to my account to control Yeelight, sign in gets stuck.

The lights still work with Apple Home, but functionality is limited.

Mi Home app does not work either.

I have deleted the app and installed it again, but it still does not work.

Any idea what could be the problem?

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@zhangxin Please help take care of it.

It looks a bug in latest iOS , I am looking into it. Please make sure the Yeelight app has network permission in iOS system settings, and try to switch in wifi and 4g mode for multi-time.

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Hi did you manage to get to something, it seems the bug appears on IOS14, and IpadOS also.

Make sure Yeelight app has network permission first.
And please try to reinstall or switch in wifi and 4g mode for multi-time.
Account SDK will be updated in next version, we will see if there are improvements then.

Which exactly permission (where), because I can’t find any permission to access network from Yeelight app. In privacy section there’s nothing, in app section mobile data are selected and turned on.

Uninstall the app and reinstall it. Make sure to allow all of the permissions on the first launch. I use IOS 14 without any problems.

No the problem still exists - probably permission windows are overlapping each other, so I’m unable to click on network permission because it instantly overlapped by the bluetooth permission.

Maybe let’s consolidate where the problem is. I’ve install yeelight app, on IOS14, got my MI Home app running and configured (no issues), open yellight app, app is asking about bluetooth permissions and network discovery, allowing both. Now pressing login button, mi home app opens, magic happens, and I see screen to allow yeelight app to use mi home account, pressing accept, and then yeelight app back to login button screen.

Yeah that sometimes happens. Uninstall Mi Home app, log in to Yeelight and then re download Mi Home and log in.

@zhangxin Could you take a look at why this is happening in IOS 14 if we have both Yeelight and Mi Home Installed?

Hi, have you tried to login in with another wifi network, or 4G mode?
I will send you a link of testflight, updated account SDK.

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Yes, I’ve managed to test on few Wifi and LTE networks, always the same problem, app after linking the mi account is always back to login button screen.

Uninstall Mi Home app, log in to Yeelight and then re download Mi Home and log in. I had exact same problem. Managed to solve it by having only Yeelight app on the phone at the time i log in.

Well, it shouldn’t be manageable by this way that one app need to be uninstalled to other app start working, so let’s consider it as a bug:)

I have the same problem. I can add siri shortcut, but cant added to my home app in IOS

It seems that an iOS issue. You can update your iOS system to the latest version, or reboot your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, update the app. Or you can try TunesKit iOS System Recovery to fix this issue.