Motion Sensor Night Light Review!

I have been a proud owner for over a year of three of these little lamps, personally I don’t like the design that much, but the functionality is AMAZING!

I have recorded a video review showcasing all the functions and tried to show just how much these little puppies can illuminate your night stroll.

Video: [YouTube LINK]

You can try to install it on the reinforced concrete bollards. This type of installation is used where it is impossible to dig an excavation - on asphalt, on the ground, which passes city communications. Bollards weight 360 to 1000 kg. A particular technique installs them, and if necessary, transports them to another place. By the way, The most common type of installation of street flagpoles is a concrete foundation. A hole is dug, the depth of which depends on the height of the mast, and the lower part of the base of the structure is placed in it. After pouring concrete, the installation of flag pole lights occurs after 10-14 days. This method is reliable and straightforward but takes a long time.

How can I secure the flagpole?