Schedule not working

I am using the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S (Color) (yeelink.light.color4) on Android (OnePlus 6T) with the Yeelight app (3.2.45). Everything got the latest updates and firmwares. I am in Germany and am using the Frankfurt server.

On all my lights I use the same custom wake up schedule that only turns on at a specific time and then stays that way (no turn off).

However, the schedules do not work. First it is difficult that the schedule actually stays activated. Often when I activate it, the slider slides right back to off. I must do it about three times until it stays on. Even when it finally is activated, the schedule does not do anything. If the lamps are off, they will not turn on and if the lamps are on, the schedule still will not activate at the set time (or at all). When I check the schedules the next day, they are all turned off.

Please help.

By the way: it would be great to set schedules for a group of lamps, so I do not have to activate it for each lamp individually.

I figured out the problem:

I did not use the repeat function and assumed that it would just do it once and then stop, but somehow it put the date as in about 7 months. When I activated the repeat function to repeat it every day it worked fine.

Please fix this bug, so I can also use it only without having to manually turn the schedule off.
Also, the 4 different lights did not turn on at the same time. Between the first and the fourth light, there was about a 20 second delay. For a wake-up function, this is not a problem, but it might be for other uses.