Yee Light brightness dim when using Google Home

Hi Yeelight,

I’ve been using the color yeelight bulb for a year now via the MiHome app. But recently I was having issues with the color and brightness when controlling using Google Home. It light appears much dimmer even when it is at 100% and the color doesn’t look right too.

However, when using either the Mi Home app or Yee Light app i can set the brightness back up to maximum at the correct colour.

In addition, I thought of trying it to pair the YeeLight App to Google Home but everytime when I try to allow permissions to add to my google account, the Google Home app just jumps back to the main page and the light bulb is not added.

My Mi ID is : 6316485617

I’m on the Singapore server

Please help. thank you.

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I am having the same issue recently. Any “white” colours set by Google Home (Eg. Cool white / warm white / incandescent) makes the bulb into coloured mode and very dim. Was working until a few weeks ago. Any fix in the works? Thanks

I believe the issue is that Google Home colours are setting the bulb to colour mode - which doesn’t result in a bright white scheme.

Yes, I do also think its an issue with Google Home. Right now my only workaround is to use IFTTT to preset a command in Google Home to activate a preset scene in YeeLight App. It’s a bit roundabout but it works for now when you only regularly use certain colours. IFTTT also has the added benefit of automation based on location.

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