cannot set default state - day/night toggle not working :/


I want my bulb tu turn on full brightness when i switch it on with my xiaomi wireless smart switch during the day.
BUT between 1 am and 5 am i want to turn on at 1% brightness when motion is detected.
sound like a very basic automation, right?
looks like bulb saves last state (although save last state is turned OFF in options) and in the morning when i press my wireless on/off switch it has 1% brightness. i have to use app to set it 100% again.
i could use scene mode ofcourse but you know what? THERE’S NO SCENE to work with wireless switch. i can either turn it on with selected scene ot turn off. there’s no TOGGLE ON/OFF option.
so how can i setup my bulb to turn on with a scene and turn off with the same switch?

This setting does not work because bulb does not know if i want to turn it on or off.
I have to use toggle option but i can’t set the scene here

so to sum up
it is IMPOSSIBLE to set a most basic automation like this:

  1. in the morning turn on at 100% brightness
  2. in the night turn on at 1% brightness
    using smart switch like that

so there should be option to save default state and bring it back automatically not only when physical power is cut off, but even when i turn off the bulb via app or switch without cutting of main power…
ability to toggle on/off with specific scene
condition if bulb is off then turn on with scene
and if bulb is on then turn off